Mobility scooter and motorised wheelchair or power wheelchair are designed to be safe and stable medical devices for the elderlies and disabilities. At Agis Mobility, we understand your needs before recommending you the best solution for your mobility aid. We provide wheelchair rental, scooter hire, maintenance and repair services as well as wheelchair ramps for your convenience. We are also providing hospital bed and air mattresses for home care patients.

Our scooter hire will be the popular Heartway S19 Brio mobility scooter which is portable and foldable. Our S19 Brio (274Wh) met the Singapore Airlines General Restrictions for lithium batteries of power rating under 300Wh.

Our products comes with superior safety features, high quality components and ease of use. We offer standard 1 year warranty if you purchase directly from us. AGIS Medical Supplies Pte Ltd is an approved Health Science Authority (HSA) licensed importer and wholesaler for medical mobility aid.

AGIS – Aging, Gracefully, Independently & Safely.

agis mobility heartway s19 brio