Batteries Certification For Travelling Overseas

Batteries Certification is required if you are travelling overseas with mobility scooters by cruise or airplane.

Heartway S19 Brio lithium battery complies with the Singapore Airlines General Restrictions set for lithium batteries. According to the regulation, the power rating of the battery must not exceed 300Wh. With a power rating of 274Wh, the S19 Brio meets the requirements and is able to be brought along during your travel.

You need to produce batteries certification in order for the customs to clear our Heartway S19 Brio lithium batteries before boarding.

You will need to inform your preferred airlines and show them the required documents before booking the tickets.

You can view Singapore Airlines General Restrictions under Lithium Batteries.

1)S19 Brio TUV Certification

2)S19 Brio SGS VOC


4)S21 Easy Move MSDS

Batteries Certification